My Workcation
Written on February 22, 2022

A brief health and well-being post. Many people I’ve been on VCs with this week have remarked on the “tiny home” or “small jungle” I’ve been working from. No, it’s not another image from my extensive virtual background collection, it’s a real place.

My airbnb complete with plants, leather couch, books, and games

If you’re anything like me, the last two years have really brought mental health right to the fore. Work stresses, life stresses, ‘rona “just wear your bloody mask” stresses have all compounded to make me much more aware of my emotional and social needs.

Last week I decided I needed a little break. Not from work, I actually quite enjoy coming to work every day, but from my normal wake up, walk to desk, work, walk around block, work some more, walk to couch routine (occasionally dotted with dinner with friends or a swim, but still…).

I happened to be seeing friends for a weekend activity in Lorne anyway, so the jump to stay in Jan Juc (right next to Torquay) for a few nights was too good to pass up. I chucked a couple of extra changes of clothes in the car, along with my laptop and my ugg boots (come on Melbourne, it’s still summer, get it together). Driving from Lorne I arrived in Jan Juc Sunday arvo. Checked in, grabbed some dinner from the pizza joint, then collapsed on the couch watching some awful game show. No worries.

I worked two full days from here, and (as I write this) tomorrow morning I plan to check out, do some work, have a quick swim on my lunch break, then drive back home after work. I probably started earlier than usual every day this week (nothing to distract me away from home), but I found myself taking more structured breaks of an appropriate length, as well as at least 3 beach walks a day.

Torquay beach looking west in late afternoon

Got a meeting? Some docs to work on? Sure, I’d sit at the laptop. However, a 1:1? Team meeting? If I had a meeting that needed concentration but didn’t need me googling things, presenting, or typing notes, I got up, left the house, and walked. Normally I’d do about 5000 or so steps a day, but on this little workcation, it was more like double or triple that without even trying.

Sunset on Torquay beach looking west

So as I sit here on Torquay beach watching the sun set, I cannot encourage this kind of getaway enough. I’m already trying to work out where the next one will be. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to chew up what little annual leave you have left. Remote working is remote working, but outside the 9-5 is your time.


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