Copy Exchange 2010 Receive Connectors
Written on January 24, 2011

In deploying a new Exchange 2010 server I found myself needing to duplicate a receive connector with about 20 different IP entries. Being lazy (or as Terence called it; efficient), I started googling and found this post by Terence Luk. His procedure works, but I figured there had to be a faster way. After a few minutes of fiddling I managed to compress his technique into this one-liner:

New-ReceiveConnector "Mail from Printers" -Server EX02 -Bindings -RemoteIPRanges ( Get-ReceiveConnector "EX01\Mail from Printers" ).RemoteIPRanges

This one does the same as Terence’s process, but without the intervention in the middle. I hope this helps aspiring lazy admins like me.


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