How to (hopefully) get your camera back after losing it
Written on August 3, 2012

I see way too many blog posts and Reddit threads about “I found a camera. Do you know these people?”. It always seems so fruitless and you rarely hear about a happy ending.

After recently acquiring a shiny new Canon 24-105mm f/4L USM lens, and without wanting to engrave my details all over my stuff, I had to work out a way to identify myself. Then it hit me – it’s so simple! Take a photo of your details and leave it at the front of the card. For example:

Now if someone finds my camera and is feeling generous, they’ll find my contact details while perusing the photos and be able to get in touch with me with offers of ransom.

Hopefully this helps someone not lose their hard earned kit! (But if you do, here’s a cool site that aims to reunite you with your awkward family photos when you “accidentally” left the camera on the train: I Found Your Camera)


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