Question Answer  
What type of aircraft did Barry Seal primarily fly in the well-known documentary American Made?   Piper Aerostar 600
What is the ICAO type designator of the Super Decathlon?   BL8
What was the date of the Wright Brothers’ first flight? (a) 12 October 1903
(b) 17 December 1903
(c) 4 January 1904
B: 17 December 1903
What is the world’s oldest airline?   KLM (1919)
In 1987, American Airlines removed something from their first class salads, saving themselves $USD40,000 per year. What did they remove?   Olives
Which country invented the kite?   China
Before “X-Ray”, what word represented the letter “X” in the NATO phonetic alphabet?   Extra
What type of aerofoil do the Cessna 152 and 172 families of aircraft use for their main wing? (a) NACA 0012
(b) NACA 2412
(c) NACA 4412
B: NACA 2412
One country uses the Partenavia P68 in their defence force. Which one? (a) Bahamas
(b) Italy
(c) Madagascar
A: Bahamas
Brisbane airport is currently in the late stages of building a new runway. What will its designator be?   01L/19R
Microsoft recently released Microsoft Flight Simulator, the latest instalment in the Flight Simulator series. One of the most well received parts of the software is its ability to render terrain worldwide using data from OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps. In one Melbourne suburb, however, a university student who was entering data into OpenStreetMap accidentally mistyped the number of storeys in a small residential building. This resulted in a large obelisk appearing in Melbourne’s north. How many storeys tall was the building? 212