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QantasLink has four types of aircraft in their fleet: Airbus A320, Boeing 717, Fokker F100, and the Dash-8. How many aircraft do they have in their fleet total? (a) 90
(b) 94
(c) 101
A: 90
In the 1980s, French aerospace company Aerospatiale and Italian company Aeritalia merged to create a new generation of regional aircraft. What company did they establish? Hint: it takes the same name as the aeroplanes they’ve made ATR (ATR42, ATR72)  
Who am I? (Stop me when you’re ready to make your first and only guess) I’m a two seater, conventional undercarriage, aeroplane.
I entered service in the United States in 1964, and am still in production now.
I was designed for not only personal use, but also for utility and flight training.
I can sustain stresses of up to 5g positive, and 2g negative.
My construction is a combination of wooden formers and longerons, but my main fuselage truss is metal.
My fuselage and wings are, from the factory, fabric covered.
I have been used for aerobatic competitions, banner towing, glider towing, and other utility purposes.
When I was first introduced, I was the only American aeroplane officially certified for aerobatics.
Generally powered by a 150 horse power lycoming, some derivatives have been powered by a 180hp engine.
I am currently produced by the American Champion Aircraft Corporation, but have been produced by Bellanca until it went into liquidation in 1982.
I went on to inspire the development of the 8KCAB Decathlon and Super Decathlon, and the 8GCBC Scout.
My name is, backwards, “Airbatic”
American Champion Citabria
Which aircraft, a version of which is flown by an Australian aeromedical operator, once served as Air Force One?   Beechcraft VC-6A, a variant on the B90 King Air used for President Lyndon Johnson.
The Highlander and Superstol are high wing two-seat aircraft specialising in short takeoff and landing activities. What is the name of their manufacturer?   Just Aircraft
What colour is 100LL AvGas?   Blue
The Cessna 120 and Cessna 140 are single engine, two seat aeroplanes. They were first introduced in 1946, and were produced for only 5 years before being replaced by the mighty Cessna 150. In just five years, Cessna produced over 7600 Cessna 120s and 140s. What was the main difference between the two aeroplanes?   Flaps
Which model of Cessna 1-series aircraft had the shortest production run from introduction to retirement?   Tie - Cessna 162 (275 built), and Cessna 175 (2,105 built)