Question Answer
What is the name of Anna and Elsa’s kingdom in Frozen? Arendelle
What is the address of the dentist office in which Nemo is kept in Finding Nemo? P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
What is the name of the prince Ariel falls in love with in The Little Mermaid? Prince Eric
In which country is Lilo & Stitch set? USA (Hawaii)
In Toy Story, what is Andy’s litter sister’s name? Molly
In Monsters Inc, a monster accidentally brings an item of clothing back from a child’s bedroom triggering a visit from the CDA for decontamination. What is the four-digit code that is called to notify fellow scarers and assistants of the breach? 2319
What item of clothing did the monster bring back from the child’s bedroom? A sock
In The Incredibles, what is Mrs Incredible’s superhero name? Elastigirl
In Monsters Inc what is the name of the chameleon type monster who is Mike and Sulley’s nemesis and arch-rival? Randall
In The Incredibles, Mr Incredible finds the skeleton of which former superhero in a cave on Syndrome’s island?
(a) Dynaguy
(b) Gazerbeam
(c) Stratogale
(d) Vectress
B: Gazerbeam