Question Answer
Where is the world’s most ancient forest? Daintree, Qld, Australia
There are twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac. Which of these is represented by a Ram? Aries
Which planet in our solar system has the most gravity? Jupiter
When talking about beer, what does IPA stand for? India Pale Ale
Which company owns Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ducati? Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG)
The Baggy Green is a piece of equipment used in which sport? Cricket
In the 1997 blockbuster, The Castle, Daryl Kerrigan runs a business, Kerrigan’s towing. The family name “Kerrigan” was given so they could borrow tow trucks from the existing company “Kerrigan’s Towing”. At the end of the film, the company is renamed. What does Daryl Kerrigan rename the company to? Kerrigan and Sons Towing
In Cool Runnings, Sanka kept a lucky what inside his pants? Egg
Who was the first lawyer in The Castle? Dennis Denuto
Steven Bradbury came from behind to win gold in which sport? Ice Skating (short track speed skating)