Question Choices Answer
Sony and one other company developed the prototype PlayStation in 1991. It was originally intended to be a CD-ROM addon for an existing console. Which company did Sony work with to develop it? (a) Amiga
(b) Nintendo
(c) Sega
B: Nintendo
Tetris blocks come in shapes of consisting of four squares. How many different permutations of shape are there in Tetris? Bonus if you can tell me the name used to refer to all the shapes 7, Tetrominos  
What colour are the four Pac-Man ghosts? One point per correct answer.   Red, Orange/Brown, Blue, Pink
The word Pokemon is a portmanteau of which two words?   Pocket Monsters
The character “Master Chief” is from which video game series?   Halo
Who has more hair follicles generally, blondes or brunettes?   Blondes
In our Solar System, one planet has (at least) 67 moons. Which planet is that?   Jupiter
Which two dog breeds combine to make a “Puggle”?   Pug + Beagle
At which temperature do Fahrenheit and Celsius meet?   -40
What is the largest organ of the human body?   Skin