Question Answer
Which cute small green creature recently started in a Disney Plus series with Adam Driver? Baby Yoda
What is the name of the costume designer in Pixar’s 2004 film “The Incredibles” Edna Mode
When spring cleaning according to one author and Netflix star, a household item must evoke what emotion if it’s going to be kept in the house? Spark Joy
An argument scene (ft. an actor made famous by US tv series “Girls”) from what Oscar nominated Netflix film was turned into a meme? Marriage Story
Which organisation was behind the recent “Together At Home” live-streamed concert featuring celebrities/music artists performing from their houses? Global Citizen
The “Walmart yodeling kid” Mason Ramsey made a guest appearance on a remix of what popular song? Old Town Road
Adam Brody who starred as Seth Cohen in The OC went on to marry an actress from what popular series?
(a) The OC
(b) Glee
(c) One Tree Hill
(d) Gossip Girl
Leighton Meister, AKA Blair from Gossip Girl
Which Australian artist will head to Eurovision 2021 after this year’s event was postponed? Montaigne
Quiz show “Have You Been Paying Attention” is hosted by who? Tom Gleisner