Question Answer
Which rock and roll band recently released an EP called “Hail Satin” featuring covers of 60s disco pop band, The Bee Gees? Dee Gees, or Foo Fighters
In the 1991 Top Gun ripoff film, Hot Shots, who played hot shot pilot “Topper Harley”? Charlie Sheen
In the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory are transported to a graveyard when they touch the Triwizard Cup. What had the cup been transformed into to all this transportation? Portkey
Which The Simpsons character famously wrote “Die, Bart, Die” on their chest? Sideshow Bob
Bill Murray played a weatherman in which 1993 film? Groundhog Day
Keanu Reeves stars in the fourth film of which series, due to be released in the coming months? The Matrix
In The Office, Michael Scott pretends to fire receptionist Pam for stealing which item of stationery? Post-It Notes
How old is the sea turtle in Finding Nemo? 150
What was the name of the film where the main character woke up every morning to the same day? Groundhog Day
By which name is the annual Broadway theatre award ceremony most commonly known? The Tonys