Question Choices Answer
Which state in Australia saw the first COVID-19 case? (a) New South Wales
(b) Tasmania
(c) Victoria
C: Victoria (on 25 January 2020)
On the 28th of March 2020, Australia saw it’s biggest day of confirmed COVID-19 cases at the time. How many new confirmed cases were there on this day? (This question is definitely now out of date) (a) 242
(b) 340
(c) 460
(d) 520
C: 460
Passengers aboard Qantas Flights QF840 and QF843 on the fourth of April 2020 were exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. QF840 and QF843 were between Sydney and one other city. What was the other city?   Darwin
In which year did Harambe die?   2016
What was Joe Exotic’s YouTube show called?   Joe Exotic TV
Where does Joe Exotic believe that Carole Baskin’s first husband is buried?   Under a sceptic tank
Victoria Police currently has four helicopters in its fleet. They’re in the process of replacing this fleet with four new aircraft. What are the makes and models (generic will do) of the two new aircraft types? One point for each correct answer   Beechcraft King Air 350ER
Leonardo AW139
Which Australian political figure recently had their memoirs leaked throughout their old party?   Malcolm Turnbull