During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, some friends and I hosted trivia competitions amongst our group. I wrote some questions myself, and no doubt pinched some from Buzzfeed-esque top 10 trivia questions to bamboozle your friends! style lists. I’m sharing them all here so they don’t waste away in my private notes forever.

Many of these will have a decidedly Australia-focussed lean, for which I make no apology.

Aviation 1

Aviation 2

Aviation 3


General Knowledge 1

General Knowledge 2 (and some sport)

General Knowledge 3

General Knowledge 4

General Knowledge 5

General Knowledge 6

Movies and Culture

Music and Movies


TV and Movies

Very Modern History

I provide neither commitment nor attestation that any of the answers to these trivia questions are the truth. Use these questions at your own risk.